The great inspiration behind the establishing/ creation of NabadDoon Yahya Foundation, Peace Institute for Somalia is (the life and work of) Abdulkadir Yahya, the peace activist, who was assassinated in July 2005. By several eminent individuals, among them Kofi Annan (former UN general secretary), he is considered one of Somalia's most respected peace activists. Since the early nineties, Abdulkadir Yahya dedicated himself to ensuring lasting peace in Somalia. The instruments he used were research, dialogue and connecting people.
The NabadDoon Yahya Peace Institute follows up on his actions with great dedication. The word Nabad-Doon means peacemaker or peace activist. Nabad = peace, Doon = search.


Based on its mission, the Peace Institute is continuously investigating and collecting research materials about peaceful and pragmatic solutions for the Somali conflict. Innovative initiatives are important principles in all our activities. Knowledge should be accessible to all and shared as much as possible. Sharing knowledge can be done in different ways, but dialogue is always the central issue.


To offer good alternatives for the use of violence/force, solid knowledge is necessary. Research areas that especially get our attention are conflict resolution and good governance. It is our firm conviction that violence, oppression and fear are no solution to the Somali conflict.


We want to encourage the young generation of Somalis, who live spread around the world, to research the various elements of the Somali conflict. The research can be done in their own study discipline and they can come up with appropriate recommendations to resolve the investigated aspects of the problem. At the same time, we encourage and ask them to make their research available to everyone by making it accessible through the website of Nadaddoon Yahya Peace Institute for Somalia.

It's of great importance that the young, well educated generation Somalis is involved in the peace process. Among them are the future leaders of the country. The Peace Institute is committed to building the future of Somalia and therefore, in particular, encourages young people to participate in both the process and dialogue.


The Peace Institute is currently only available on the Internet.



A. Yahya (Bildhaan) DEDICATION

In the scales of concentrated sadness, the sudden loss of an exceptional
compatriot is one of the most acute. In the early morning of July 11,
2005, Mr. Abdulkadir Yahya Ali was assassinated at his residence in
Mogadishu, and in front of his wife. Activists come in a variable quality;
Abdulkadir was sterling—that is, he was a tireless, courageous,
reasoned, and optimistic devotee of national reconciliation and peace,
and a founding member of the National Civic Forum. He joins the
unsung heroes whose lives have been cut short by murderers antithetical
to the return of national solidarity and justice to Somali time. We
pray that Allah will reward him for his noble earthly deeds on behalf
of the Somali people.
This volume of Bildhaan is dedicated to Abdulkadir’s memory. Our
collective bereavement is best expressed by the following threnodic
poem composed the day after by our colleague, Ms. Amina Said Ali.


Yaxyoow eber baan dareena ayaamahaan,
Iilaha nabadda iyo waxaa ooyey guri aqoon,
Indheer garataa akhbaartii aroora go ay,
Inkastood iilkii gashoo aminkeeni lumay,
Erayadaadaa aflaxoo maadan naga agtegin,
Abuurkaad beertay nabad oogid agabdhigeed,
Ka aamusi meeyno ergadaadii weey adkaan,
Ilaah idenkiisa arligeena weey ekeeyn.

Oh Yahya, we feel nothing these days,
The Allah of peace and the house of wisdom are in mourning,
The intellectual slain in the early hours of the morning,
Though you are in the grave and our trust is damaged,
Your words echo and you have not left us,
What you have sewn for the sake of usable peace,
We will not be silent about and your mission will endure,
And with Allah wish it will cover the fullness of our land.



UNPOS United Nations Political Office for Somalia
SRSG Francois Fall’s statement at the Memorial Service in the honour of
Abdulkadir Yahya Ali


My dear friends,
We are here today to honour our lately departed Mr. Abdulkadir Yahya Ali - a
remarkable and courageous man. I remember my first meeting with him which took
place a few days after my arrival. He was, in fact, one of the first Somalis whom I met
after arriving here in Nairobi. During our meeting Mr. Yahya impressed me by his
commitment, by his optimism and by the remarkable efforts he was undertaking. For me,
he was – and still remains - a symbol of hope for Somalia’s future. Mr. Yahya was an
enthusiastic worker for the cause of peace in Somalia and it was for that cause that he
paid the ultimate price. Somalia lost him at a time when someone like him was needed
the most. The shockwaves of his tragic death were felt not only in Mogadishu; not only in
Somalia, but all over the world.

In his message expressing his own shock over Abdulkadir Yahya’s death, Secretary-
General Kofi Annan said that “Mr. Yahya had devoted many years to foster peace and
reconciliation in his country and was widely respected by his countrymen and by many in
the international community.” The Secretary-General condemned his murder and
described it as an act “which undermined the prospects for peace and reconciliation in
Somalia.” On 14 July, the Security Council issued a Presidential Statement in which it
condemned “in the strongest terms the brutal murder” of Mr. Yahya. It called for the
incident to be investigated immediately and for those responsible to be held fully
accountable.” I can only echo these two statements.

I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest condolences to the family of Mr.
Yahya, and especially to his children who should be proud to have had such a father.
May God bless his soul. The best way for us to honour Yahya and his memory is
intensify our efforts and work together to promote peace, security and reconciliation in
Somalia. This is what he would have wanted us to do and this is exactly what I, my
office, and the United Nations are committed to achieving in Somalia.


Thank You.
21 July 2005







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